Diablo 3 Beta Barbarian Speed Run

Force just posted another great video — this one showing how quickly a lvl 13 Barbarian can bully his way through the beta. 14 minutes, 38 seconds to be exact. However, Force commented that he may have stopped to smell the roses a bit much, and perhaps could have gotten that number closer to 14 minutes flat.

Force’s Barb is clearly a bit overpowered for the content, but it’s still definitely fun to watch.¬†For players just starting out in the beta, a realistic start to finish time would likely be closer to an hour. An experienced player could probably blaze through the content in under 30 minutes – starting with a level 1 character.

For a bit of comedy, pay close attention to the skeleton at 9:08 who swings wildly and ends up taking out himself and his whole crew.

7 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Beta Barbarian Speed Run”

  1. Not to mention the flaming skeleton corpse that gets launched by one of Force’s Leaps, and then lands on him about 30 feet down the path @ 1:20. Too bad Force found a replacement for the pretty pink pants his barb was wearing, they looked so good with his light-blue boots!

  2. I think a run-through from scratch is more like 2 to 3 hours. I’ve played through all the classes except the barbarian and it’s taken me a few hours but I’ve also stopped. Now of course I’m going to have to make a new hero and see just how long it takes *laughs*.

    1. I’d say that’s probably a realistic time frame, especially considering I’m not actually in the beta… :( , I’m just estimating based on the average length of Force’s run-throughs. Seems most of his start-to-finish runs take around an hour or so, including all of his commentary and what not. But then again… he is a pro gamer.

      But yea… if you do make another hero for a ‘timed run’, let me know how it goes. Also, which class do you think could blast through it the quickest? I’m about to have a look at some Wizard video right now, but from what I’ve seen of the other 4 classes, Monk looks the fiercest at this level.

  3. I think you’re right in that the wizard can run through mobs quite quickly if you use the AoE spells. I’m trying to remember if I had issues with the Skeleton King on the mage and I’m thinking not.

    While I do find that overall the classes are awesome, they don’t necessarily feel ‘even’ yet. Shoot, some of the classes I can just auto-attack *laughs* but it does help to have good gear which isn’t hard to find in the beta.

  4. Okay, this is a little late but I just hadn’t felt the urge to test it out until now. I created a monk from scratch and while I did give her some ‘greens’, by no means was she decked out. I only stopped once (before the last act) and all told it took me about 2.5 hours to do everything.

    I thought it was longer than that but then again, that was pretty much killing and using the cauldron and cube. I did get her to lvl 10 before facing the Skeleton King though and that was a first.

    Anyway, I know you’re in the beta now (congrats) so I’ll be interested to see your take on things. If I understand it right the Skeleton King is only 1/3 through the first act and there are 4 acts so it’s not like we’re going to be done with D3 in one night and be bored *laughs*.

    1. 1hr, 40mins on my Barb. I definitely stopped to smell the roses, but I didn’t sit afk or wander around too much either. I was pretty much going through experiencing the game and all the lore, but not wasting time retracing my steps or dilly dallying around. I was level 9 when I faced the Skeleton King. I found him pretty easy at that level, but I imagine he’d have been considerably tougher without my Templar.

      I think that it could be done in about an hour or so, evidenced by Force’s videos, but as you said in a previous comment… “where’s the fun in that?!” I totally agree. This game is to be savored and enjoyed.

      I can’t wait to see what all else is in store! :D

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