Diablo 3 Beta Game Play Video: Monk

The third installment of Force’s “Let’s Play” series features the Monk. As with all of Force’s Diablo3 ┬áBeta videos, this one offers both superb video quality and commentary to go with it.

I have to say that after watching this, I am really excited about the Monk class. Blizz did an excellent job animating the Monk’s abilities. Although I’m a die-hard fan of the Barbarian class, the early Monk footage is a little more impressive, in my opinion. He makes ass-kicking look good… really good.

Force does an outstanding job of describing the various Monk abilities, as well as describing the resource system and other mechanics.

Monk Class Walkthrough: Part One

Monk Class Walkthrough: Part Two

Monk Class Walkthrough: Part Three

3 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Beta Game Play Video: Monk”

  1. Out of all classes so far the one I find most disappointing is the barbarian; it’s just not “boom” enough. I wasn’t sure if I would like the monk but she has surpassed my witch doctor in terms of love; the moves are just awesome and she flows so well.

    I hope you get in the beta soon so you can experience these first-hand!

    1. The Barb looks good to me, but yea… a little lackluster when compared to some of the other classes. From what I’ve seen, Monk looks the best followed by Witch Doctor. Barb looks good in a meat and potatoes sort of way, but as I mentioned earlier… the Monk makes ass-kicking look good. The Barb… not as much.

      So far the Barb is looking like an updated version of the D2 barb, with not really any new tricks up his sleeve. I’m mostly cool with that, since Barb was my fave in D2, but some slick new abilities with some amazing new animations certainly wouldn’t hurt.

      At any rate… I’m with ya… the Monk is definitely the sexiest so far.

      And yes..! Man, I hope I get in..! Being on the outside looking in is killin’ me. :-\

  2. Yea, I feel ya there (check your messages). I admit I can’t seem to play my barb very long. Now mind you, I’m definitely not a great gamer so maybe I’m not min-max’ing right *laughs*. The funniest thing I find with the Barb right now is I have a nice 2h axe that does more dps than duel wielding *boggle*. In fact, the 2h axe has an attack speed of 1 per sec lol.

    It definitely does make a difference once you have some decent gear and can just one-hit mobs from afar. The best thing I like about the barb right now is the leap ability but other than that it’s a lot of sloshing through mobs.

    Speaking of which, it’s my one complaint right now with D3, you want to do a giant AoE ability on a stack of mobs so you target the mob in the middle and you end up hitting the mob on the outside.

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