Diablo 3 Beta Game Play Video: Demon Hunter

Here’s another look at some Diablo 3 Beta game play footage, courtesy of Force Strategy Gaming. This latest offering from the Let’s Play series of D3 Beta class videos features the Demon Hunter.

Force goes into a bit more detail with this video – really describing and showcasing the various class talents. Some of this information may be irrelevant in future, considering Blizzard has recently announced plans for an overhaul of the Demon Hunter class, but the same could also be said for any of the other classes considering we’re still in beta testing. However, Demon Hunter is the only class so far that’s been announced to undergo some ‘radical’ changes.

Regardless, this video series is excellent, and it provides a basic ‘feel’ for what to expect with the Demon Hunter class in Diablo 3.

Demon Hunter Class Walkthrough: Part One

Demon Hunter Class Walkthrough: Part Two

Demon Hunter Class Walkthrough: Part Three

2 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Beta Game Play Video: Demon Hunter”

  1. ForceStrategy’s videos are some of the best in the D3 beta coverage, and these Demon Hunter vids are no exception.

    Also, it looks like the Demon Hunter’s changes, while are a major shift from what they currently are, aren’t all that “radical” after all. The Demon Hunter looks to be adapting the same sort of resource-building abilities that the Monk, Barbarian, and other classes currently enjoy. (source http://goo.gl/wbRdC) I’m really glad to hear this as this method of resource management seems to be much more fun and enjoyable play style.

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